Copywriter-Sydney4Writing is a tricky medium. When we talk about our business or project, we seem to find the words easily to express what we want to say and convince the person we’re talking to. Speaking gives you valuable face-to-face contact; you get instant feedback whether your ideas are right on the money or missing the mark. If someone doesn’t understand what you’re saying, they simply ask you right then and there.

But writing is a whole different animal. Whether it’s an investor looking over your business plan, a visitor to your website, or a person exposed to your advertising – you have one chance to reach your audience and get it right. But it’s practically a blind process because you don’t have the advantage of instant feedback that you get when you talk with someone. It’s difficult to know whether you’re resonating with your target audience — or even expressing yourself clearly.

For many, it’s easy to talk up a storm about our project or business – we have a passion about it and the words flow. But getting that same passion down on paper (or computer) can be stifling. There’s nothing more intimidating than having to stare at a blank page.

A copywriter will help you to define what valuable product or service your business provides and how best to convey that to your target audience in any medium: business plans, elevator pitches, proposals, advertising, web content, press releases, crowd funding, or even what your business concept is. DA Copywriter & Small Business Strategist is devoted to finding you the perfect combination of words that capture your message precisely in a powerful way that calls the reader to action.

Interested in what DA Copywriter & Small Business Strategist can do for your business writing needs?  Take a look at my portfolio page.

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