A Press Release (PR) uses the news media to attract attention to business. A news-oriented article announces a new business, service, or program.  Online PR’s have prominence on the web and are highly searchable through the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.  press-release

You can use newswire services such as marketwire.com, prweb.com, prnewswire.com, presswire.com, or industry-based publications to deliver your press release.

Breakdown of the elements contained within the Press Release:

  • The Headline: This is what grabs your audience’s attention and tells them why they want to read on.
  • The Summary: A short synopsis (no more than a paragraph) of why your service is important and how it stands out against other products or services just like it. (See also positioning/USP).
  • Dateline: Include the date of the Press Release, city, and state where the product/service is taking place.
  • The Body: This is the main portion of your Press Release. Give the details, further explanations, statistics, background information – anything that’s relevant to your announcement that backs up any claims. This is where you give the proof element to any claims you’ve made in the Headline, Summary, or Introduction.
  • The Intro: The start of the body copy of the press release. It should answer the 5 w’s of journalism: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.
  • Contact Information: This gives all the information of how to reach the contact person. Name, phone number, cell phone, email address, website, and mailing address.

Here are a couple of press release samples 

  • Digital Copycat began distributing a new micro-USB flash drive created for Android and Smartphones and needed a press release to publicize the news.
  • Digital Copycat needed another PR to market their dual flash drives to trades show exhibitors.
  • TLC Residential wanted a press release to drum up support for challenging the Department of Labor’s decision that would bankrupt their sober living home — and change the precedent of sober living homes across the country.
  • In the Mix Radio wanted a press release announcing their new online radio format.
  • Academy of Fencing Masters required a PR announcing their new summer session of fencing classes.
  • The Tiny Tots Learning Center owner, Sherry Santa Cruz, bought franchise Kinderdance™ for the San Joaquin Valley region. This press release is to announce the Grand Opening at The Tiny Tots Learning Center.

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