Bay Area Professional Copywriter Deborah Arrington
I’m Deborah Arrington, Founder of DA Copywriter, and my goal is to find the right words to capture who you are and what your business is all about, while delivering a strong, persuasive appeal to your client base. I bring a consistent, powerful branding to your copy no matter what the medium: web content, business plans, complaint letters, press releases, advertising, etc.

I’ve been writing professionally for the last 17 years. I started with editorial writing and then branched into the world of direct response advertising. A tough industry, but I was able to pull in massive dollars for the financial newsletters I wrote advertising for. I was mentored by one of the leaders in direct response, Daniel Rosenthal, who taught me the intimate ins and outs of the industry. Marketing greats like Ogilvy, Hopkins, Caples, Sackheim and Reeves line my bookshelves and I incorporate their proven strategies into the copy I create.

I don’t delegate your writing projects – EVER!

I don’t believe in that. Every single piece of copy that comes to me is written and edited by me only. I insist on perfection and the only way I can give it my stamp of approval is to write it myself. Some might label me as a bit of a control freak in this aspect. I just like to think of it as giving your written copy the VIP treatment it deserves.

9 to 5 doesn’t exist in my world.

Writing is not something you can stick into a set schedule – like many creative specialties inspiration can strike at the most unlikely times and places … I can’t tell you how often I’ve woken up in the middle of the night with a brilliant angle for a piece of copy I’m working on. But more importantly, I often work long hours in the night and early hours of the morning to get the job done well within the agreed time frame and to the highest standards.

My diversity can work to your advantage.

You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “know what you write; write what you know”. So when I write about a product or service, I become the expert on it. Over the years I’ve had a strong education in the financial industry this way, but more recently I’ve branched out to include a variety of other industries:

  • Dog training/boarding/grooming/supplies
  • Mobile spa service
  • Higher/continuing education
  • Online dating networks
  • Voice lessons
  • Online radio station
  • Construction
  • Payday and loan stores
  • Fruit juice beverage
  • Property management services
  • Soccer training for kids

  • Online ancestry resources
  • Children’s dance education classes
  • Children’s educational software
  • Survivalist resources
  • Financial privacy
  • New monetary system
  • Asian stock newsletter
  • Penny stock newsletters
  • Oil/Energy stock newsletters
  • Currency newsletters
  • Gold newsletters

Put me to work today! Email Deborah Arrington at, call (510)734-3040 or click here for my contact form.