This is essentially the way you tell your audience how they can use your service or product.wordcloud-2 The advertisement consists of three parts: It gets their attention, convinces them that your product is superior, and persuades them to make the purchase. Professional advertising copywriters have several tools of the trade designed to help accomplish this such as USP and positioning.

  • USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition and this is the basis of all advertising copywriting. It’s what makes your product seem unique; so much so the consumer has to have it.
  • Positioning is how you position yourself among your competition. What is it you have that they don’t? Exploit it. Show it off. Give the consumer the impression that the competition is missing this crucial element you have in your product.

How long should an advertisement be? I once worked for a marketing genius, and in my green years I asked this very same question. His answer was always “as long as it takes.” In advertising you don’t focus on the length of the product, you focus on making the sale. Obviously you don’t want a 30 page dissertation for an ad, but you don’t want to shackle yourself to such a small space you can’t convince your audience. That said, you do have only a few seconds to convince your audience to read your advertisement and a good headline or opening can make all the difference. Click here for some samples of advertising copy I’ve written.

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