The business plan is your chance to paint a picture of your company to potential investors. Each segment of your business plain is designed to show your company’s positioning against competitors, marketing strategies, product demand, and profit potential. The purpose of a business plan is to ultimately convince your investors to join you – usually in the form of contributing capital.

Important Components of a Business Plan

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  • Executive Summary is a sort of snapshot of what your company is all about and why you’re asking for investments.
  • Company Profile includes the history of the company, important management and staff roles/bios, overview of the company and what it’s about.
  • Product/Service talks about your product, why it’s so great, and how it works (if necessary). In this section you’ll also want to cover who your competitors are and how your product stands out against them.
  • Target Market addresses the potential demand for your product and who your typical customer is. This section shows that you know the market and are aware of how your customer thinks.
  • Strategy & Implementation will show investors that you’re thinking about positioning, promotional strategies, pricing, and distribution of your product. This section can also include an operational plan if needed.
  • Milestones give investors a quick checklist of what’s been done to get the product going and what still needs to happen. It can show them where their money will be invested.
  • The Financial Plan talks about the costs, salaries, potential revenue and profit. Often, this section can change over time. Sometimes it’s worthwhile to make the Financial Plan a separate document so that it can be adjusted.

Using a Business Plan Writer can Give you a Competitive Edge

I have been a business plan copywriter for the last 8 years. In addition, I wrote advertising for 14 years. Advertising writing was great preparation for business plan writing because the two are very similar. I can put my expertise to work for you. Let’s work together to make sure your business model, concept, and voice come across articulately and persuasively.

Business Plan Sample

Business plans are usually confidential, shared only between the writer, business owner, and prospective investors. Fortunately, I have a special agreement with two companies who gave me permission to share their plans or a portion of them.

A Versatility of Business Plan Topics

I cannot share the actual business plans I’ve written over the years, but I can give you a little information about a few of them. I’ve written business plans for a variety of companies ranging from bio-pharmaceutical services to business centers. Here are just a few examples:

  • Ultimate Fieldhouse is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing kids with healthy lifestyles through sports and education. The company needed a business plan to partner with John Muir hospital, so they contacted DA Copywriter. This partnership would provide funding for repairs, scholarship opportunities, and community outreach programs.
  • Silicon Valley Business Center saw a growing demand from business travelers to Silicon Valley who want more than what hotel office centers offered. The company planned to build a state-of-the-art business center right in the heart of Silicon Valley. They required a business plan to present to investors, so they hired DA Copywriter.
  • 360 Omnivue created a specialized camera for cars, trucks, and buses. They needed a business plan to approach investors on the west coast. When asked about the deadline, the owner responded: “yesterday.” DA Copywriter delivered the final draft within 24 hours.
  • Franco Masoma decided to open a new fashion consulting business/storefront under his own name. He used DA Copywriter to create a business plan to raise funding.
  • Make. Work. Space. was the brainchild of serial entrepreneur, Walter Craven. Mr Craven already owned two businesses: Blank and Cables ( and Craven Property Holdings. His newest venture would give designers a fully-equipped studio to craft their projects. He plans to open this business in the UK and needed a specialized business plan.
  • Ensigna Biosystems specializes in molecular pathology and genome services for bio-pharmaceuticals. The company needed investors to start their business, so they asked DA Copywriter to write a business plan.

Let DA Copywriter create a business plan for you that delivers results! Contact me by email or phone (510-734-3040) for a quote today!

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