• “Deborah absolutely captured the essence of us and how we want to be portrayed and came to understand our business well (wine tasting tours in Napa/Sonoma and Designated Driver, entire Bay Area – and that DD is not so easy to explain, but she did it). It was nice not to have to explain ” that is not what I meant…”, she just got it. Also, after the first draft of each page, two changes are included, which is generous and plenty. “Deborah is very sweet, sincere, honest and professional and a wonderful writer. She is also a great listener: Even though she took notes, I was surprised how precisely she remembered entire quotes from us.”
    –Anjanette Prudlo, Co-Owner, PF Wine Tours
  • “I can’t stop smiling as I read the Alumnae Page. You captured the essence of what we’re about. I certainly appreciated the talent of writing. I wish I had found you a long time ago.”
    –Deidre Robinson, Director of Enterprise Relations, Golden Gate University
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    — Sarah Leah Gootnick, Co-Founder, Bashert Now!
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    — Michael Faure, President and CEO, Ensigna Biosystems
  • “I needed professional Copywriting services and found Deborah on Craig’s List. She responded in a very timely manner to my request for more information. We agreed to meet to go over the website project. I immediately found that she was genuine and sincere both personally and professionally. She listened attentively and asked good discovery questions so she could capture the essence of what I wanted to communicate.  She also had a keen awareness of what the reader might want to know and was willing to share her observations.  She was responsive, diligent and finished the project on time. I would recommend her services  without hesitation.”
    — Noreen Sheehan, Founder & Principal, Blue Stockings Salon
  • “I should have written this weeks ago…Deborah is phenomenal.  She was able to take my ideas and write them out beautifully; so impressed with her talent and professionalism.  She is also an incredibly gifted listener. She captured the essence of what I wanted to get across competently and creatively. I highly recommend her…many thanks to you Deborah!”
    — Heather Lee, Founder, The Anonymous Listener
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    — Raeme McElroy, Founder & Owner, King Me Salon for Men
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    –Brian Tycangco, Editor, Asian Growth Stocks
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    –Phill Gurevich, Owner and CEO, Infinity Dental Milling Center
  • “Deborah has a unique way of culling out hot pieces of information from me about a teaser recommendation or the markets to use in our marketing copy. We’ve come up with some interesting campaigns that way. I found her contributions during our brainstorming sessions invaluable.” Read more
    –Loray Greiner, Publisher, Oil & Energy Investment Report
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    –Garth W., Owner, Debt-free Money
  • “We hired Deborah to put together some ads for our pet sitting dog walking business she really captured our passion for what we do she is very patient and a good listener we were very pleased with her creativity we will definitely use her in the future good communication with progress with each project I highly recommend her services thanks Deborah !!!!”
    — Gerald Koons, Owner, Pet Nanny
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    –Just Jay, CEO, In the Mix Radio
  • “Deborah is an amazing copywriter who has that unique ability to suck you in with her words. She educates herself on the subject matter at hand and is able to write detailed copy that sells products. She takes on every project with dedication and passion and is one of the hardest workers I know. Deborah is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done, on time, and beyond expectation.”
    –Meliza Wells, Director of Operations, DR&A
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    –Precious Marcelo, Bay Area Family K9 Training
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    — Chuck de Castro, Editor, Penny Oil Speculator/Penny Mining Speculator
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    –Daniel Rosenthal, CEO & Owner, Daniel Rosenthal & Associates
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    –Ellen Young, Vice President (retired), Daniel Rosenthal & Associates
  • “No matter how many times we have shared our story, no one else has grasped the concept with such speed and accuracy. I know we will work with Deborah on future projects.” Click here to see web content for Golden Gate University
    –Marques Cook, Assistant Director of Enterprise Relations, Golden Gate University
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    –Dean Morozowski, CEO and Founder,Lots of Players
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    –James Taylor, Owner & CEO, Bay Area Family K9 Training